Integrated Annual Report 2022

SUSTAINABILITY STATEMENT (CONT’D) Mangrove Conservation Programme Mangrove forests support a myriad of flora and fauna and mitigate climate change risk while supporting livelihood of riparian community. We are excited with the success of our first mangrove reforestation and rehabilitation programme with our strategic partner Wetlands International in Banjar Utara Forest Reserve, Tanjung Karang. 50 volunteers participated in the planting activity in February 2022, which comprised QL employees and family members and 15 volunteers from the local university. A total of 1,000 seedlings were planted and 99% of the survival rate was achieved after three months. QL is delighted that these seedlings are flourishing. Our Approach Biodiversity holds the key to life. Continued globalisation and industrialisation impact biodiversity. We understand the need to leave a positive legacy for future generations and are dedicated to playing a role in restoring balance through regeneration and enhancement of biodiversity. QL collaborated with Wetlands International as strategic partner to roll out a mangrove reforestation and rehabilitation programme in Malaysia. Driven from the top, QL extends our biodiversity programme by including employees’ families in our activity to nurture awareness starting from young. Per formance • Planted 1,000 mangrove seedlings in Banjar Utara Forest Reserve, Tanjung Karang • 99% survival rate after three months BIODIVERSITY 99% of mangrove seedling survived after 3 months We strive to maintain a safe, healthy and engaged workplace by upholding fair labour practice and caring for the wellbeing of our people. Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) is an area of critical importance at QL. We create a safe and conducive environment so that the loved ones of our employees can welcome them home after their productive day at work. Building business resilience assures our stakeholders including suppliers and communities of long-term shared value creation. Our prosperity co-depends on each other upholding the same values. QL shares our win-win value with stakeholders throughout the pandemic and beyond. Material Matters Progress Across the Years FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 Growing Our Business • Year-on-year increase in investing based on strategic business objectives Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition • ILF, MPM and CVS processes are certified to local and international recognised standards • Established a Health and Nutrition Committee • Formalised a Health and Nutrition Statement Biosecurity • Biosecurity practices in place • Enhanced biosecurity audits to strengthen biosecurity practices • Increased biosecurity audit frequency • Strengthened product handling and logistics process Fair Labour Practices • Established the Human Rights and Labour Standards Policy • Established Migrant Workers’ Recruitment and Treatment Guidelines • Incorporate the Human Rights and Labour Standards Policy into the Suppliers and Business Associates Code of Conduct • Employee briefings on Human Rights and Labour Standards Policy • Established Internal HR Social Compliance and Audit Checklist • Force Labour Training for HR Professionals MANAGING SUSTAINABILITY QL recognises that there are many contributing factors to its business success. One of which is the mutual growth of the Company and the communities in which we operate in. Developing talents to empower them to contribute to the socio-economy of the nation alongside QL’s growth is one of our strategic pillars. We create a safe and conducive environment as part of our care for employees. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Formalised a Health and Nutrition Statement Zero fatality and LTIFR improvement of 2.95% from FY2021 Assisted 13,200 beneficiaries via our Corporate Philanthropy collaborations at an investment of over RM980,000 Upgraded the fishing tools of 914 fishermen via RM20.81 million interest-free Fishermen Financial Assistance Scheme (FFAS) Over 106,490 employee development hours 5 1 5 0 S U S TA I N A B I L I T Y S TAT E M E N T QL Resources Berhad INTEGRATED ANNUAL REPORT 2022